The experience gained over the years allows us to rewind any type of rotary machine, whether the latest generation or “old” design.


We can collect the machine assembled directly on the installation site and dismantle it, rewind it and service the worn mechanical parts directly in our workshop and then return it to the customer in perfect working order, naturally accompanied by its test certificate.


Aside from the usual repair operations, we can recover laminated cores damaged by electrical discharge in slots by previous “disassembling”, manufacture of new laminated cores, electromagnetic analysis of the stator pack by identifying the “hot points” using infra-red heat detection cameras, turning and mica removal undercutting machines with DC rotors, rotor dynamic balancing, demolition of faulty coils in a pyrolysis furnace, VPI impregnation, dielectric strength testing at 50Hz up to 30kV, surge testing up to 40kV and insulation resistance up to 5kV.

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