AC Coils

Manufacture of coils for AC motors and generators with wire and flat wire technology for nominal voltages up to 13.8kV including VPI impregnation, coils for reinforced insulation suitable for food grade machinery powered by a frequency converter and temperature class 220°C by traction.


In addition to stator coils, we can create coils for three-phase loop rotors, both wire and bar, suitable for heavy reostatic start-up or for control with a frequency converter, typical of generators used on wind farms.

DC Coils

Manufacture of stator and rotor coils for DC motors with wire and flat wire, turning, mica removal undercutting machines, VPI impregnation and rotor balancing.


Induction and armature windings manufactured with taping of the coils suitable for use in medium voltage and with materials in temperature class 220° for use in the electric traction sector.

PM Coils

Manufacture of coils for AC motors and generators in flat wire suitable for machines with permanent magnet technology.
Possibility of winding the coils with flat wire bended indifferently along its thickness or width based on the design specifications, the dedicated insulating system according to the working voltage and temperature levels planned, assembly of coils on single sections and VPI impregnation.