AC Coils

Manufacture of coils for AC motors and generators with wire and flat wire technology for nominal voltages up to 13.8kV.

DC Coils

Manufacture of stator and rotor coils for DC motors with wire and flat wire, turning, mica removal undercutting machines, VPI impregnation and rotor balancing.

PM Coils

Manufacture of coils for AC motors and generators in flat wire suitable for machines with permanent magnet technology.

About Us

In 1965 Francesco Gonella established the electric motors repair company.


The motivation and values he always knew how to instil in collaborators and family members enable increasing expansion and professionalism. Thanks to proven reliability and know-how and competence gained in various requirements, Elettromeccanica Gonella is successful both at home and abroad.


The loyalty and satisfaction of its customers are sought, acquired and guaranteed by the company’s correctness, responsibility and utmost commitment.


The experience gained over the years allows us to rewind any type of rotary machine, whether the latest generation or “old” design.
We can collect the machine assembled directly on the installation site and dismantle it, rewind it and service the worn mechanical parts directly in our workshop and then return it to the customer in perfect working order, naturally accompanied by its test certificate.

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